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Schools often lack the technical expertise to deliver advanced technology and secure data. Ubicoapps is a pioneer in helping educational institutions identify and adapt to the changing learning environment. Our domain-expert team can provide an assortment of e-learning solutions.

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Education & Elearning

Our IT solutions streamline the e-Learning ecosystem that boosts educational value.


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E-learning technology and tools empower students to gain effective self-directed learning skills. Instructors can efficiently encourage their students to participate in studies and learning through digital resources.

Digital and online e-Learning resources include lecture videos, tutorials, e-learning apps, virtual classrooms, webinars, library databases, and teacher-student e-mail correspondence. These IT solutions provide easy access to learning material. Thus, improving education quality while saving time and money.

We offer managed IT services and support to build an e-Learning experience for your school and college. Our solutions allow our clients to focus on their core responsibility - teaching, as we take care of the rest.

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